10 Different Types of Pets Dogs | A-Z List of Dog Breeds

Dogs are having different colors, designs, sizes and mentality. These things are only for their having different breeds. Most of the breeds can be pets. 

There a few breeds which are wild and risky to adopt. You will get different breed dogs to have different attitudes. 

Some breeds are attractive and smart. Some are wild or ferocious to look. Again some look funny and some look cute. 

Here are given below some types of pet dogs that you did not know before in 2019: 

    Small Size breeds: 

There are some dogs which are always small in size. From birth time to matured period these breeds remain small. Their size increases their beauty and cuteness. So people love to get a small pet dog at home. These small size pet dogs are affectionate to the children and other members of the family. 

Here are given below some popular small breeds dogs of 2018:

1. Pomeranian: This small breed dog looks great in two color coats and size also.
2. Bichon Frise: This is a snowy coat dog that looks like a doll and also cute.
3. Cavalier King: The dog has a large air with brown and white color coat. 

    Medium Size Breed: 

Medium size dogs are the most common pet dogs. You will find this size of pet dogs everywhere. House owners love to pet these dogs for house safety. These dogs look after their house and garden. If the dogs find anyone stranger they start barking to make the owner aware of that. 

Here are given below some common breeds of medium size dogs in 2019

1. Bulldog: Bulldog is a popular one for its medium body size. It is a French dog breed.
2. Dalmatian dog: This is another medium size dog with awesome body muscles.
3. German Shepard: German shepherd is a dog that looks wild and natural.
4. Rottweiler dog: You will also find this medium size dog strong and mighty.

  Large Size Breed: 

You will surely get the large size breeds different than the small and medium. These breeds are very powerful in attitude. A few pet lovers have such size of breeds. These breeds dogs are cool minded. But they might be also attacking and wild if you do any negative behaviours. 

Here are given below some common breeds of large size dogs of 2019

1. Great Dane: You must find great Dane a giant size dog for its body structure.
2. St Barnard:  This breed is very healthy and strong in look with a brown and white coat.
3. Spanish Mastiff: This breed is large in size and muscles are also strong with a brown coat.

If you want to learn about dog breeds you must concentrate on their sizes. Different breeds are having a different health condition, sizes and attitudes. 
You can enjoy every breed of dog if you make them pet at home. You can get help in household chores and children can play with them also.